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#571: 45 Years / 2016 Movie Preview (Pt. 2)


It’s January and the movie year is full of promise. Full of promise – and questions. Questions like: Who wins in a battle between Batman and Superman? Or, Will the new Terrence Malick approach the greatness of "The Tree of Life?" What about Batman v. Terrence Malick? The 2016 Movie Preview continues with Adam, Josh and special guest Genevieve Koski from The Next Picture Show podcast sharing their Top 5 Movie Questions of 2016. Plus, a review of the Oscar-nominated 45 YEARS and Josh's thoughts on SON OF SAUL.

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0:00-3:24 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:24-30:11 - Review: "45 Years"
Music: The Noise FM, "Crooked Smile"
31:29-33:02 - Sponsors
33:02-48:52 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
48:52-53:48 - Larsen Recommends: "Son of Saul"
Music: The Noise FM, "Scam Artist"
54:46-1:03:10 - Donations
1:03:10-1:49:25 - 2016 Movie Preview (Pt 2)
1:49:25-1:52:25 - Close


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