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#528: 10th Anniversary / Maps to the Stars / Top 5 Blind Spots


How do you celebrate 10 years of talking about movies? You talk about the ones you’re embarrassed you’ve never seen, of course. Adam and Josh confess their Top 5 (or 50) Blind Spots. Plus, a review of director David Cronenberg’s latest, MAPS TO THE STARS, and another edition of Brickspotting.

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0:00-3:20 - Billboard / MUBI
3:20-27:25 - Review: "Maps to the Stars"
Music: FS Flashback: "Love Lift Us Up..." (2005)
28:42-46:56 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
46:56-1:08:34 - 10th Anniversary Poll
Music: FS Flashback: "Terrier Style" (2012)
1:08:34-1:17:03 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:17:03-1:52:41 - Top 5: Blind Spots
1:53:47-1:56:52 - Close / Outtake


What's your process? 


- Josh meant Truffaut, not Godard.

- Adam said "Videodrome" was Cronenberg's debut; it was actually his fifth feature.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Dan O'Hara, Evergreen Park, IL


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