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#529: Buzzard / Top 5 Characters on the Fringe


Bill Murray vs. Tilda Swinton... Emma Stone vs. Sam Rockwell... Just a couple of the first-round matchups in Filmspotting Madness, a month-long battle royale to determine Filmspotting Nation’s favorite working actor. Adam and Josh kick off the tournament and share their Top 5: Characters on the Fringe. Plus, a review of BUZZARD, a new indie in which an unruly office temp fights the power while wearing a customized Power Glove.

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0:00-3:24 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:24-24:38 - Review: "Buzzard"
Music: Colleen Green, "TV"
25:45-28:40 - Shutterstock
28:40-35:10 - Notes
35:10-43:01 - Larsen (Doesn't) Recommend: "Chappie"
43:01-1:00:12 - Filmspotting Madness
Music: Colleen Green, "I Can't Pay Attention"
1:01:24-1:07:23 - Donations
1:07:23-1:47:05 - Top 5: Characters on the Fringe
1:47:05-1:50:06 - Close


Rescue Scenes, "Buzzard" Spoiled 


Colleen Green


- Joel Potrykus' Top 10 Fringe Character Movies (in alphabetical order): Basket Case, Breathless, Buffalo '66, Gummo, Made in Britain, Naked, Pickpocket, Repo Man, Stranger Than Paradise, Taxi Driver


Josh's review of "Buzzard"

Joel Potrykus at The Music Box

Chicago Critics Film Festival

Filmspotting Madness: Round 1

Top 5 Characters on the Fringe


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