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#560: Crimson Peak / Bridge of Spies / Top 5 Cold War Movies


Josh and guest host Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) are visited by the 'Ghost of Fights over Guillermo del Toro Movies Past' for their divisive review of CRIMSON PEAK. Plus, their takes on Steven Spielberg's BRIDGE OF SPIES and the Top 5 Cold War Movies.

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0:00-4:35 - Billboard / MUBI
4:35-25:17 - Review: "Crimson Peak"
Music: Murder By Death, "Solitary One"
26:22-27:23 - Squarespace
27:23-37:52 - Notes / Polls
37:52-47:16 - Review: "Bridge of Spies"
Music: Murder By Death, "Last Thing"
48:27-1:18:51 - Top 5: Cold War Movies
1:18:51-1:24:03 - Close / Outtake


Murder By Death


Josh's review of "Crimson Peak"

Michael's review of "Crimson Peak"

Josh's review of "Bridge of Spies"

Michael's review of "Bridge of Spies"


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