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#559: Steve Jobs / Top 5 Back-To-Back Movies


How hard is it to make two great films in a row? Turns out, most legendary directors have done it. The show's recent Ridley Scott Death Match poll between "Alien" ('79) and "Blade Runner' ('82) was the inspiration for this week’s Top 5: Back-To-Back Movies. Plus, a review of Danny Boyle's STEVE JOBS starring Filmspotting Madness Champion(tm) Michael Fassbender.

This episode is brought to you by MUBI.

0:00-3:17 - Billboard / MUBI
3:17-30:01 - Review: "Steve Jobs"
Music: EL VY, "Paul is Alive"
31:02-31:57 - SVU Promo
31:57-42:18 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
42:18-51:55 - Top 5: Back-To-Back Movies
Music: EL VY, "Return to the Moon"
42:18-51:55 - Donations
53:10-1:27:38 - Top 5 cont.
1:27:38-1:30:41 - Close / Outtake




- Massacre Theatre winner: Bianca Soto, Queens, NY


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