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#506: Top 5 Lynch Scenes / Eraserhead / Skeleton Twins


It's Sociopath Week at the Filmspotting Lounge... half off Pabst Blue Ribbons and nitrous oxide chasers! The perfect combo to put you in the proper frame of mind for Josh and Adam's Top 5 David Lynch Scenes. Plus, a discussion of Lynch's creepy 1977 debut ERASERHEAD — just out in a Criterion Collection Blu-Ray — and a review of THE SKELETON TWINS, starring SNL alums Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (FILM914)Harry's (code FILMSPOTTING) and Varidesk.

0:00-2:56 - Billboard / Shutterstock-Harry's
2:56-27:33 - Blindspotting: "Eraserhead"
Music: Peter Ivers, "In Heaven"
28:02-30:55 - Harry's-Shutterstock
30:55-41:05 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
41:05-52:24 - Review: "The Skeleton Twins"
Music: Roy Orbison, "In Dreams"
53:21-58:54 - Varidesk-Donations, SVU Promo
58:54-1:37:34 - Top 5: David Lynch Scenes
1:37:34-1:40:52 - Close / Outtake


Pre-CGI Scenes Feedback


Soundtracks: Eraserhead, Blue Velvet


- Massacre Theatre winner: Melissa Maillett, Vienna, VA


CIFF Critics' Picks Event

Josh's review of Eraserhead

Josh's review of The Skeleton Twins


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