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#505: Top 5 Movie Prisoners / Starred Up


Josh and Adam head to the clink, the slammer, the Big House to name their Top 5 Movie Prisoners. Plus, a review of the acclaimed new UK prison drama STARRED UP... and Quentin Tarantino's new day job inspires another Filmspotting Poll Death Match.

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0:00-2:10 - Billboard / Squarespace-Donations
2:10-31:37 - Review: "Starred Up"
Music: Tom Waits, "Fish in the Jailhouse"
32:39-34:53 - Squarespace
34:53-46:46 - Notes / Polls
46:46-1:06:57 - Top 5: Movie Prisoners
Music: The Soggy Bottom Boys, "In the Jailhouse Now"
1:07:53-1:26:27 - Top 5: Movie Prisoners cont.
1:26:27-1:30:45 - Close / Outtake


Dead Poets and Homosexuality


- Tom Waits / The Soggy Bottom Boys


Josh's review of Starred Up

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