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#500 Live: Rian Johnson / Top 5 Films of FS Era


Nine years, four months and 20 days in the making... Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune, Slate's Dana Stevens and — via Skype from San Francisco — the newly anointed writer/director of STAR WARS VIII, Rian Johnson, join Adam and Josh for this special LIVE edition of Filmspotting recorded at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago on Saturday, July 26. Plus, choices by David Wain, Richard Linklater and more!

This episode is presented by Harry's (code FILMSPOTTING).

0:00-2:03 - Billboard / Harry's
1:41-14:19 - Top 5: Films of the Filmspotting Era, Pt. 1
14:19-21:23 - Polls
Music: Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, "My Rifle, My Pony and Me" 
22:37-25:17 - Sponsor: Harry's
25:17-35:39 - Massacre Theatre
35:39-54:13 - Interview: Rian Johnson
Music: Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford, "Fare Thee Well"
55:24-56:46 - WBEZ Promo: "Sound Opinions: Summer Music Film Festival"
56:47-58:26 - David Wain's Top 6
58:27-1:36:23 - Top 5: Films of the Filmspotting Era, Pt. 2
1:36:23-1:41:28 - Close


- Rio Bravo, Inside Llewyn Davis


- Massacre Theatre winner: Ian Keiser, Chicago


Complete Top 5 of Filmspotting Era picks

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