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#499: Snowpiercer / Top 5 Magic Realism Moments


If Filmspotting builds a Top 5 Magic Realism Moments in movies, will you come? With director Michel Gondry’s MOOD INDIGO currently in theatres and available on demand, Josh and Adam devote this week’s Top 5 to a subject that Gondry exploits to great effect, those moments when a director allows the rules of nature to be unseated by the fantastic. Plus, a review of Bong Joon-ho’s SNOWPIERCER, along with Josh’s take on Gondry's latest.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (FILM714).

0:00-1:41 - Billboard / Shutterstock
1:41-24:50 - Review: "Snowpiercer"
Music: Caleb Hawley, "Would You Even Try"
25:56-27:50 - Shutterstock
27:50-47:08 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
47:08-51:02 - Larsen Recommends: "Mood Indigo"
Music: Caleb Hawley, "Crying Wolf"
51:52-56:44 - Donations / WBEZ Promo: "Pleasuretown"
56:44-1:29:09 - Top 5: Magic Realism Movie Moments
1:29:09-1:36:41 - Close / Outtake


Feedback: Batman, Top 5 Movies of '89


Caleb Hawley


- Massacre Theatre winner: Tad Hildum, City of Cleves, OH


Josh's review of "Snowpiercer"

Josh's review of "Mood Indigo"

Top 5 Magic Realism Moments




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