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#496: Top 5 Films of 2014 (So Far) / The Rover


There are no instructions for building the perfect Top 5 Movies of the Year (So Far). You’ve got to do it yourself. At the midway point of the moviegoing year, Josh and Adam try their best to be master list builders. Plus, a review of David Michod's bleak THE ROVER, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (FILM614).

0:00-1:38 - Billboard / Shutterstock
1:38-18:03 - Top 5: Movies of 2014 (So Far), Pt 1
Music: Jack White "Lazaretto"
19:13-21:07 - Shutterstock
21:07-32:51 - Notes / Polls
32:51-55:16 - Review: "The Rover"
Music: Jack White "That Black Bat Licorice"
56:23-1:02:37 - Donations
1:02:37-1:28:23 - Top 5: Movies of 2014 (So Far), Pt 2
1:28:23-1:30:51 - Close


Rover Ending/Spoilers


Jack White


Josh's review of "The Rover"

Tobias on "Only Lovers Left Alive"

Edelstein on "Locke"

Adam on "The Double"

Patricia's Channing Tatum Fest

Transformers: The Premake

Jonathan Glazer interview at 46:32-1:06:20

Top 5 Films of the Year (So Far)




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