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#495: Night Moves / Top 5 Pacific Northwest Movies


Adam and Josh discuss director Kelly Reichardt’s NIGHT MOVES with Jesse Eisenberg, and also do some location scouting for this week’s Top 5 — Pacific Northwest Movies — while having some pie and, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee.

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0:00-1:59 - Billboard / Donations
1:59-24:33 - Review: "Night Moves"
Music: Elliott Smith, "Angeles"
25:43-34:26 - Donations cont.
30:02-46:19 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
46:19-50:04 - AK on "X-Men," "Immigrant"
55:04-1:10:44 - Top 5: Pacific Northwest Movies
Music: Elliott Smith, "Somebody That I Used To Know"
1:11:42-1:12:16 - SVU Promo
1:12:16-1:40:42 - Top 5: PNW Movies cont.
1:40:42-1:44:10 - Close / Outtake


Blue Ruin, Scenes in Cars

"Refund!? Refund!?" from Breaking Away


- Elliott Smith


- Massacre Theatre winner: Michelle Besonen, Chicago


Tim Grierson on the films of Kelly Reichardt

Josh's review of "Night Moves"

Adam's notes on "The Immigrant"

Adam on "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Elliot Smith doc "Heaven Adores You"

AFI Doc Fest in D.C.

- "Meek's Cutoff" discussions in FS #347 and FS#380

Top 5 Pacific Northwest Movies




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