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#476: Life Itself / Top 5 Movies About Fame


Josh, Adam and guest Michael Phillips avoid turning into Norma Desmond's driveway for this week's Top 5: Movies About Fame (Non-Hollywood Edition). Plus, the trio offers some thoughts on the new Steve James documentary about Roger Ebert, LIFE ITSELF, and last weekend’s tragic passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (FILM214) and Warby Parker.

0:00-4:23 - Billboard / Warby Parker
1:48-16:32 - Review: "Life Itself"
Music: The New Mendicants, "Out of the Lime"
28:26-30:37 - Shutterstock
30:37-37:42 - Massacre Theatre
37:42-47:03 - Polls
47:03-1:04:06 - Top 5: Movies About Fame, Pt. 1
Music: The New Mendicants, "By the Time it Gets Dark"
1:05:18-1:09:53 - Donations
1:09:53-1:35:03 - Top 5: Movies About Fame, Pt. 2
1:35:03-1:38:51 - Close


The Great Beauty


The New Mendicants


- Massacre Theatre winner: Rick Muirragui, Los Angeles

- Life Itself has been picked up for distribution by Magnolia Pictures for summer release; upcoming showings are the result of crowdfunding.


Michael Phillips

Life Itself info

Josh on "The Great Beauty" 

Michael on "The Great Beauty"

Adam on Life Itself

Top 5 Movies About Fame (Non-Hollywood)


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