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#475: 2014 Movie Preview (Pt. 2) / Broken Circle Breakdown


Belgium: we have long loved you for your beer; we had no idea you were so into tattoos and bluegrass music. Or so Adam and Josh learned from watching THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, which recently earned an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. Plus, Pt. 2 of Filmspotting's 2014 Movie Preview, focusing on the Top 5 Most Anticipated Performances of the Year aka 'How Many Movies is Michael Fassbender Starring In'.

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0:00-2:17 - Billboard / Donations
1:48-16:32 - Top 5: Anticipated Performances of 2014, Pt. 1
Music: Beck, "Blue Moon"
17:50-18:20 - Filmspotting: SVU Promo
18:20-26:22 - Massacre Theatre
26:22-41:06 - Polls / Notes
41:06-1:04:47 - Review: "Broken Circle Breakdown"
Music: Townes Van Zandt, "If I Needed You"
1:05:50-1:16:17 - Donations
1:16:17-1:34:24 - Top 5 Anticipated Performances of 2014, Pt. 2
1:34:24-1:37:14 - Close


2013 Discoveries, Actor Transformations



Townes Van Zandt


- Massacre Theatre winner: Pat Galvin, Anchorage, AK


Broken Circle Breakdown

Great Chicken Wing Hunt

Craig Brewer's Black Lodge Video video

Chris in Cambridge's blog

Film Dispenser podcast

"Joe" Trailer

(Bonus) Andrea Riseborough in Shadow Dancer

Josh's "Broken Circle Breakdown" review

Top 5 Most Anticipated Performances of 2014




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