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2014 Golden Bricks Preview Special


This Thanksgiving, be grateful for the movies you may have missed... Filmspotting revisits some of its favorite overlooked/underseen movies of 2014 and announces the shortlist of candidates for the coveted Golden Brick Award.

This episode of Filmspotting is presented by Shutterstock (code FILM1114).

0:00-1:34 - Billboard / Shutterstock
1:34-16:42 - "Blue Ruin"
Music: Tweedy, "Low Key"
17:46-18:48 - Shutterstock
18:48-25:19 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
25:19-37:41 - Interview: John Michael McDonagh
Music: Tweedy, "Flowering"
38:58-1:13:11 - "Starred Up"
1:13:11-1:15:34 - Close


- Tweedy


Golden Bricks Shortlist

- MT winner: Sarah Blum, Chicago


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