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#515: Interstellar / Top 5 Movie Sacrifices


Josh and Adam actually recorded this way-too-friendly review of Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR three months ago – it just took a detour through a wormhole to get here. Plus, the Top 5 Movie Sacrifices.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (code FILM1114) and Harry's (code FILMSPOTTING).

0:00-3:27 - Billboard / Harry's-Shutterstock
3:27-36:12 - Review: "Interstellar"
Music: Brett Shady, "Hard to Leave"
37:09-39:30 - Shutterstock-Harry's
39:30-45:12 - Notes / Larsen Recommends: "Memphis"
45:12-58:25 - Polls
58:25-1:11:21 - Top 5: Movie Sacrifices
Music: Simon M Harris, "Song of Heart"
1:12:21-1:16:59 - Donations
1:16:59-1:35:23 - Top 5: Movie Sacrifices, cont.
1:35:23-1:38:45 - Close


Brett Shady / Simon Harris


Josh's review of "Interstellar"

Josh's review of "Memphis"


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