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Best Film You've Never Seen / Overlooked Movies


Adam talks to Chicago writer Robert K. Elder about his new book, "The Best Film You’ve Never Seen," featuring interviews with Richard Linklater, Edgar Wright and 33 other directors talking about the movies they adore that have been critically reviled, forgotten or otherwise overlooked. Plus, replays of Adam's 2011 conversation with Elder and Filmspotting's Top 5 Overlooked Movies from 2012.

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0:00-1:08 - Billboard
1:08-20:57 - Interview: "The Best Film You've Never Seen" (2013)
Music: Archie Powell & The Exports, "Only So Much You Can Do"
22:09-55:37 - Interview: "The Film That Changed My Life" (2011)
Music: Archie Powell & The Exports, "Great Ideas in Action"
56:46-57:20 - SVU Promo
57:35-1:24:30 - Top 5: Overlooked Movies (2012)
1:24:30-1:26:54 - Close


Archie Powell & The Exports


- Adam's schedule conflicted with recording a normal FS episode this week.

- "10 Rillington Place" STARS Richard Attenborough. Richard Fleischer directed it.


"Best Films" list on Letterboxd


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