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#449: Before Midnight / Top 5 Americans Abroad


On a whim, Josh and Adam stumble off a train together to see where things go with a (long) discussion of BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Then Filmspotting pops into a smoky Parisian cafe to share the Top 5 Americans Abroad.

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0:00-3:03 - Billboard / Audible
3:03-41:49 - Review: "Before Midnight"
Music: Ron Sexsmith, "If Only Avenue"
43:18-45:15 - Shutterstock
45:34-51:53 - Massacre Theatre
51:53-59:58 - Polls
Music: Ron Sexsmith, "The Morning Light"
1:01:35-1:32:45 - Top 5: Americans Abroad
1:32:45-1:35:32 - Close


Ron Sexsmith


- Massacre Theatre winner: Michael Campbell, Conroe, TX


Josh's review of "Before Midnight"

Letterboxd: Best Films You've Never Seen

Top 5 Americans Abroad

- Audible recs: Going Clear; The Dangerous Animals Club



The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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