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#439: Spring Breakers / Top 5 Turning Over a New Leaf Movies


Look at my episode! Look at my episode! I got... reviews of Harmony Korine's "Spring Breakers." Hosts disagreeing. I got... Top 5 Turning Over a New Leaf Movies. Some are even better than "Scarface," which I got on repeat. Constantly, y'all. I even got contenders for the Filmspotting Pantheon. All different genres. Comedies. Foreign Language. Weird David Lynch. American Dream, y'all.

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0:00-1:19 - Billboard / Sponsor
1:19-28:37 - Review: "Spring Breakers"
Music: Kid Dakota, "The Winter Without You""
30:01-31:27 - Shutterstock
31:27-38:53 - Massacre Theatre
37:00-49:34 - Polls / Notes
49:34-1:02:54 - Spring Cleaning: Filmspotting Pantheon
Music: Kid Dakota, "Pairin' Off"
1:04:07-1:10:08 - Donations / SVU Promo 
1:10:08-1:39:04 - Top 5: Turning Over a New Leaf Movies
1:39:04-1:43:09 - Close


Locations You Wish You Could Visit Feedback


Kid Dakota


- Josh was right. Grave of the Fireflies and Vertigo are the two movies we've added to the Pantheon.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Tiba Ford


Josh's review of "Spring Breakers"

Pantheon on Letterboxd

Adam's Pantheon contenders on Letterboxd

Top 5 Turn Over a New Leaf Movies

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