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#438: Top 5 Religious Figures / Beyond the Hills / La Ronde


Filmspotting kisses the ring of their Top 5 Movie Religious Figures... And if "The Last Exorcism: Part II" didn’t satisfy your desire for religious horror, you won’t have to wait for Part III. Romania offers its own spin on the genre with "Beyond the Hills." Plus, hop into the sack for the second Max Ophuls Marathon film, "La Ronde."

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0:00-3:22 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:22-27:53 - Review: "Beyond the Hills"
Music: Tallest Man On Earth, "There's No Leaving Now""
29:35-31:12 - Sponsors
31:12-37:00 - Massacre Theatre
37:00-47:56 - Polls / Notes
47:56-1:04:05 - Ophuls #2: "La Ronde"
Music: Tallest Man On Earth, "Little Brother""
1:05:56-1:11:09 - Donations / SVU Promo 
1:11:09-1:40:29 - Top 5: Religious Figures
1:40:29-1:44:52 - Close / Outtake


Mother-Daughters Feedback


The Tallest Man on Earth


- Audible Recs: Inherent Vice; Gone Girl; The Tin Roof Blowdown; I, Patridge: We Need To Talk About Alan

- Massacre Theatre winner: Nathan Bour


Josh's review of "Beyond the Hills"

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Adam ranks Scorsese

Lee Marvin: Point Blank

Marathon: Max Ophüls

Top 5 Religious Figures

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