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#408: Top 5 Play Adaptations / Killer Joe


Adam and Josh break a leg, avoid mention of 'The Scottish Play' and depend on the kindness of strangers to reveal their Top 5 Play Adaptations, inspired by William Friedkin's new film adaptation of Tracy Letts' Gothic crime thriller "Killer Joe." Plus, Listener Feedback on Filmspotting's Top 5 'Seemed Like a Bad Idea' Movies.

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0:00-19:28 - Review: "Killer Joe"
Music: Mazes, "Love To Lay"
20:25-23:14 - Audible Recommendations
23:24-30:16 - Massacre Theatre
30:17-35:19 - Polls
35:20-44:31 - Listener Feedback: Seemed Like A Bad Idea'
Music: Mazes, "News From Day One"
45:32-50:23 - Donations
50:32-1:14:57 - Top 5: Play Adaptations
1:14:58-1:17:27 - Close


Hobbits, Wonka and Damn It, We Were Right




- Audible recs: Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole books; A Song of Fire and Ice; books narrated by Jim Dale

- Massacre Theatre winner: Gilberto Martinez

- Massacre Theatre winner also gets to choose one of three Sony Pictures Home Entertainment DVDs: Lockout, Hatfields and McCoys, or Meeting Evil.

Top 5 Play Adaptations

Glengarry Glen Ross' Alec Baldwin scene article

 Facets Town Hall Meeting on Movies and Violence

AMC Cares Charitable Fund for Aurora Victims


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