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#407: Ruby Sparks / Top 5 Movies About Writers / The Mirror


We'll show you the life of the mind! Adam and Josh eloquently express affection for their Top 5 Movies About Writers, and discuss the new film written by and starring Zoe Kazan, "Ruby Sparks." Plus, Adam makes an amazing discovery with the fourth film in the show's Contemporary Iranian Cinema Marathon, "The Mirror."

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0:00-14:27 - Review: "Ruby Sparks"
Music: Mazes, "Go Betweens"
15:27-20:49 - Massacre Theatre
20:50-24:03 - Polls
24:04-40:16 - Iranian Cinema #4: "The Mirror"
Music: Mazes, "Summer Hits or J+J Don't Like"
41:16-48:48 - Donations
49:03-1:11:08 - Top 5: Movies About Writers
1:11:09-1:15:03 - Close / Outtakes


- None this week, sorry


Mazes - The Mancunian ones NOT the Chicago ones we advertised :)


- Massacre Theatre winner: Drew Butler

Top 5 Movies About Writers

Paul's graphic novel The List

Thomas' film blog


The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith-iTunes


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