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#358: Attack The Block / Top 5 One Spot Shoots / Crazy Stupid Love


That's an alien bruv, believe it. Adam and Matty take on the new sci-fi/horror/comedy "Attack The Block" and the romcom "Crazy, Stupid, Love" ... And things get a little claustrophobic in the studio as they share their Top 5 One Spot Shoots.

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- :00-19:09 - Review: "Attack The Block"
Music: Yuck, "Milkshake"
- 19:59-21:01 - Audible Recommendations
- 21:16-32:55 - Massacre Theatre / Notes / Polls
- 32:56-47:36 - Review: "Crazy, Stupid, Love."
Music: Yuck, "Georgia"
- 48:09-56:48 - DVD Snapshot / Donations
- 57:10-1:16:37 - Top 5: One Spot Shoots
- 1:16:38-1:23:08 - Close / Outtakes


Featured Artist: Yuck


Daddy-Daughter Movies


- Massacre Theatre winner: William Mason

Top 5 One Spot Shoots

- DVD picks for Aug. 9: The Fox and the Hound, Fast Times at Ridgemont High / Dazed and Confused, Paul, The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff, The Battle of Algiers


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DVD Snapshot


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