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#224: Hamlet 2 / Steve Coogan Interview / Top 5 Screen Teachers

"Bueller? Bueller?" Class is in session this week as Matty and Adam offer up a dialectic deconstruction of "Hamlet 2," director Andrew Fleming's 2008 Sundance sensation spoofing our collectively beloved "inspirational teacher" genre.

As an added bonus, Adam sits down for a conversation with "Hamlet 2" star Steve Coogan to ask him exactly how sexy Jesus really is and why he feels the need to rock us. Plus, the boys also find themselves inspired enough to list their Top 5 Screen Teachers. How high will Tom Berenger's turn as Jon Shale in "The Substitute" rank? Attendance is mandatory to find out...

Also on the show: Listener FeedbackMassacre Theatre, and new music by Conor Oberst.

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Filmspotting #224
:24-14:10 - Review: "Hamlet 2"
Music: Conor Oberst, "Get-Well-Cards"
15:19-18:19 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Mike Johnson)
18:20-38:14 - Interview: Steve Coogan
Music: Conor Oberst, "Cape Canaveral"
39:07-43:46 - Voicemail, Polls
43:47-57:08 - Feedback (Pineapple, On The Run)
Music: Conor Oberst, "Sausalito"
57:34-1:02:26 - New DVDs, Donations, Contest
1:02:27-1:14:06 - Top 5: Screen Teachers
1:14:07-1:17:36 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- "The Recruiter" is also currently playing on HBO.

- Yes, Matty got the titles of his inspirational, inner-city teach dramas mixed up when announcing his #1 pick.

- Yes, Matty also called actor Robert Donat "Richard" Donat. Thanks to Josh Spiegel in Glendale, AZ for catching the mistake.


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