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#685: Top 5 Pixar Performances


"Reach for the Skies" Memorial List


1. Amy Poehler as Joy, INSIDE OUT

2. Albert Brooks as Marlin, FINDING NEMO

3. Joan Cusack as Jessie, TOY STORY 2 & 3

4. Peter O’Toole as Anton Ego, RATATOUILLE

5. Jason Lee as Syndrome, THE INCREDIBLES

Selected Honorable Mentions: Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, TOY STORY 1-3; Huck Milner as Dash Parr, INCREDIBLES 2; John Ratzenberger in everything.



1. Richard Kind as Bing Bong, INSIDE OUT

2. Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, FINDING NEMO

3. Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, THE INCREDIBLES

4. Ned Beatty as Lots-O’Huggin Bear, TOY STORY 3

5. Phyllis Smith as Sadness, INSIDE OUT

Selected Honorable Mentions: Peter O'Toole as Anton Ego and Patton Oswalt as... RATATOUILLE; Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr in THE INCREDIBLES; Andrew Stanton as Crush in FINDING NEMO


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