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#681: Top 5 Lord of the Rings Scenes


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1. “I am no man!” / Eowyn kills the Witch King, RETURN OF THE KING

2. Lighting of the beacons, RETURN OF THE KING

3. Wormtongue’s tear, THE TWO TOWERS

4. “I should very much like to hold it again...,” FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING

5. Legolas slays the Oliphaunt, RETURN OF THE KING



1. “They are coming,” FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING

2. Gollum arguing with himself, THE TWO TOWERS

3. “I am no man!” RETURN OF THE KING

4. Gandalf closing his eyes when Frodo volunteers to carry the ring, FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING

5. Denethor flinging himself to his death, RETURN OF THE KING


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