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#678: Filmspotting's Avengers



Mission: Saving cinema and the world!

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Name: EGOT
Power: Ability to inspire and unite people in a common cause

Tilda Swinton
Name: Chameleon
Power: Ability to manipulate appearance and make any situation weird

Agnès Varda
Name: The Seeker
Power: Heightened curiosity, empathy and wisdom

Roger Deakins
Name: Virtuoso
Power: Ability to manipulate light, time and space

Matt Zoller Seitz
Name: Rational Man
Power: Ability to apply logic and reason to any scenario



Mission: Saving the romantic comedy

Stars: Gina Rodriguez and Donald Glover

Composer: Michael Giacchino

Cinematographer: Elisha Christian

Writer-director: Jordan Peele


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