#640: Top 5 Sofia Coppola Scenes


1. Shoes and cakes, MARIE ANTOINETTE

2. “Does it get easier?” LOST IN TRANSLATION

3. Long-distance robbery, THE BLING RING

4. "Guess who’s coming to dinner," THE BEGUILED

5. The homecoming dance, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

Angelica Jade Bastien

1. Unheard whisper, LOST IN TRANSLATION

2. "The still point of a turning world," THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

3. Traveling from Austria to France, MARIE ANTOINETTE

4. "Guess who’s coming to dinner" THE BEGUILED

5. Josh Hartnett's entrance, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES

#637: Top 5 Military Leaders


1. Brigadier General Frank Savage, TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH

2. Colonel Dax, PATHS OF GLORY

3. Sgt. Elias + Sgt. Barnes, PLATOON

4. Colonel Nicholson, BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI

5. Major Reisman, THE DIRTY DOZEN


1. The Sergeant, THE BIG RED ONE

2. General George Patton, PATTON

3. Major von Rauffenstein, GRAND ILLUSION

4. Sergeant Major John Rawlins, GLORY

5. Colonel Nathan Jessup, A FEW GOOD MEN