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SVU #163: Thelma / Supernatural Coming of Age Movies


There comes a time when a young girl blossoms into a woman, and sometimes that woman turns out to possess terrifying powers that are some kind of allegory for the female sexuality. On this episode, Matt and Alison take a wander through the genre of the supernatural coming of age story, recommending some titles to rent or stream right now. It's all the better to accompany their main review of Joachim Trier's 2017 THELMA, about a teenager from a strict, repressed background who discovers a lot about herself — a lot more than fits into the expected definition of reality — when she goes off to college.

Listeners’ Choice Review

Queue Shots: Supernatural Coming of Age Movies
It Follows
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
Jennifer's Body

Behind the 8-Ball: 3 New Releases
Alison: BPM (Beats per Minute) / Psychokinesis / Murder on the Orient Express
Matt: Last Flag Flying / Planet of the Apes / Manhunt

2 Listener Recommendations
Alison: The Baader Meinhof Complex / Prospero’s Books
Matt: That Man: Peter Berlin / The FP

1 Random Entry From Our Netflix "My Lists"
Alison: The Chalet
Matt: The Twilight Zone


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