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SVU #154: Bright / Will Smith


Orcs, elves, fairies, and racial allegories — on this episode of Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit, Matt and Alison delve into the deceptively muddled waters of BRIGHT, Netflix's first homegrown attempt at a blockbuster. Then, in honor of the film's (human) lead, they look at the hit-laden career of BRIGHT star Will Smith, highlighting titles you can rent or stream right now, from early obscurities to the big successes that may or may not hold up.

Listeners’ Choice Review


Queue Shots: Will Smithography

Where The Day Takes You
Men in Black
Wild Wild West

Behind the 8-Ball: 3 New Releases

Alison: Black Mirror S4 / World of Tomorrow Chapter 2 / A Gray State
Matt: The Godfather Trilogy / All Is Lost / Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

2 Listener Recommendations

Alison: Better Things / They Live
Matt: Landline / The Noah (again)

1 Random Film From Our Netflix "My Lists"

Alison: God of War
Matt: Curse of Chucky


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