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SVU #148: The Bad Batch / Cannibalism Movies


On this episode of Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit, Matt and Alison run off to the desert to start their own Keanu Reeves-centric rave cult in preparation for their discussion of Ana Lily Amirpour’s dystopian drama THE BAD BATCH. Then, in honor of THE BAD BATCH’s truly disturbing scenes of human flesh-consumption (set to Ace of Base!), they recommend some other movies in which cannibalism is featured — as an allegory, a total gross-out, or both. And, of course, they’re all available to stream or rent.

This episode of Filmspotting: SVU is brought to you by Tribeca Shortlist and VideoBlocks.

Listeners’ Choice Review

The Bad Batch

Queue Shots: Cannibalism Movies

Trouble Every Day
The Silence of the Lambs

Behind the 8-Ball: 3 New Releases

Alison: The Ornithologist / April and the Extraordinary World / Hong Kong Trilogy
Matt: Boogie Nights / Infernal Affairs / Before Midnight

2 Listener Recommendations

Alison: Baskin / Line of Duty
Matt: The Confession Tapes / Compulsion

1 Random Film From Our Netflix "My Lists"

Alison: American Vandal
Matt: Prohibition


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