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#740: The Nightingale / Dietrich-Von Sternberg #2 - Morocco

Jennifer Kent's follow up to "The Babadook" isn't quite horror, but it is horrific.

Making a film that details the violence — specifically the sexual violence — that colonialism wrought in places like Tasmania in the early 19th century is an honorable endeavor that also makes for a very difficult viewing experience. Adam and Josh find lots to admire in Kent's THE NIGHTINGALE, but question whether the director's decision to make the film so explicit makes it a better one. That review, plus Dietrich in drag and some tough notes for a young Gary Cooper in 1930's MOROCCO, the second film in their Marlene Dietrich/Joseph von Sternberg marathon.

0:00 - Billboard
1:04 - Review: "The Nightingale"
Marlene Dietrich, "When Love Dies"
33:40 - Next Week / Notes
41:59 - Massacre Theatre
50:01 - Dietrich/Von Sternberg Marathon #2: "Morocco"
1:17:41 - Close


- Angelica Jade Bastién on “The Nightingale’s” rape scene for Vulture.


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