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#737: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood / Top 10 Tarantino Characters

Why am I Mr. Pink?

Adam and Josh sift through the rogues' gallery of memorable QT creations for their Top 10 Tarantino Characters and discuss the director's latest, the surprisingly melancholic ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.

0:00 - Billboard
1:23 - Review: "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"
Nancy Sinatra, "Bang Bang"
36:07 - Next week / Notes
46:45 - Poll results ("Favorite Tarantino") / New Poll ("MCU Phase 4")
1:00:27 - Top 10: Tarantino Characters
1:49:58 - Close


- Josh's “Once Upon a Time…” review

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- You Must Remember This / “Charles Manson’s Hollywood”


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