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#722: Dumbo / Final 4 Madness / Top 5 Movie Circus Acts

Big Top Tim Burton remakes the Disney classic.

With Adam out of town, Michael Phillips joins Josh for a review of the new DUMBO, plus Filmspotting Madness Final 4 matchups and the Top 5 Movie Circus Acts. And Michael shares thoughts on HOTEL MUMBAI and Josh has 2019's first Golden Brick recommendation: A.T. White's STARFISH.

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0:00-1:08 - Billboard
1:08-27:30 - Review: "Dumbo"
Betty Noyes, "Baby Mine"
28:11-32:43 - Next week / Notes
32:43-36:10 - Michael: "Hotel Mumbai"
36:10-38:21 - Josh recommends: "Starfish"
38:21-47:40 - Madness: Elite 8 Results / Final 4
David Bromberg, "Sharon"
48:38-1:21:02 - Top 5: Movie Circus Acts
1:21:02-1:24:17 - Close


- Josh’s review of “Dumbo” (2019)

- Josh’s review of “Dumbo” (1941)

- Michael Phillips on “Dumbo” (2019)

- Michael Phillips on “Hotel Mumbai”

- Josh's review of Starfish

- The Conference on World Affairs

- Info on the Boulder Filmspotting Meetup


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