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#720: Transit / Sweet 16 Filmspotting Madness / Cassavetes #

The director of 2014's "Phoenix" returns with a boldly enigmatic thriller.

German director Christian Petzold’s “Phoenix” was a “Vertigo”-inspired thriller set in the aftermath of the Holocaust. It received some of the best reviews of 2014. For his latest,  TRANSIT, Petzold evokes Kafka, Orwell and "Casablanca" for another wartime thriller that isn't afraid to disorient and perplex. In the third round of Filmspotting Madness – Best of the 2000s – the effect is less disorienting and more enraging, with listeners threatening to leap into the Madness Incinerator (tm) with beloved films that have been forced to exit the tournament. Plus, the third film in the John Cassavetes Marathon – 1976's (and '78's!) THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE.

This episode of Filmspotting is sponsored by Mubi.

0:00-1:09 - Billboard
1:09-22:05 - Review: "Transit"
Lizzo, "Cuz I Love You"
23:01-29:36 - Next week / Notes
29:36-1:02:44 - Madness: Rd. 2 Results / Sweet 16
Lizzo, "Good As Hell"
1:03:37-1:34:05 - Cassavetes #3 - "Killing of a Chinese Bookie"
1:34:05-1:37:38 - Close


- Lizzo


- Josh’s review of “Transit”

- Partial transcript of Adam and Josh’s “Transit” review

- Josh’s review of “The Killing of a Chinese Bookie”

- Wait, what version of “Bookie” did Adam watch?


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