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#717: Top 5 Movies About Suburbia (w/ Jessica Harper) / Cassavetes #1 - Faces

Worse than a coven of witches? The 'Burbs.

"Suspiria" star Jessica Harper has appeared in over 20 films since the mid-'70s, but she's also had a career as a singer-songwriter and children's book author. Her latest venture has her turning to memoir in the form of a 10-part podcast called "Winnetka," named for the Chicago suburb where she and her five siblings came of age in the '50s and '60s. Harper's podcast tells the story of that suburban upbringing, in particular the darkness and secretiveness that existed below the picture-perfect appearances. Harper discusses "Winnetka," and joins Adam and Josh for the Top 5 Movies About Suburbia. Plus - 13 years in the making - the Cassavetes Marathon gets underway with 1968's "Faces," starring Gena Rowlands, John Marley and Oscar-nominees Lynn Carlin and Seymour Cassel.  

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0:00-1:26 - Billboard
1:26-51:02 - Top 5: Movies About Suburbia
Sharon Van Etten, "Seventeen"
51:56-59:24 - Next Week / Notes
59:24-1:04:42 - Massacre Theatre
1:04:42-1:27:19 - Cassavetes Marathon #1: "Faces"
1:27:19-1:29:59 - Close


- Sharon Van Etten


- Massacre Theatre winner: Robert Scott, Wayne, Mich.

- Winnetka: A Memoir by Jessica Harper

- “The ‘Burbs” at 30

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