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#694: Crazy Rich Asians / Top 5 Things We've Learned Podcasting (About Movies)


In anticipation of the show's 700th episode, Adam and Josh - and fellow podcast veteran Dave Chen from the /Filmcast - consider what a decade-plus podcasting about movies has taught them. (In short: gratitude, humility, and getting by on less sleep.) Dave also joins the conversation about the new CRAZY RICH ASIANS, a hit at the box office and also the first major Hollywood studio-backed film in 25 years to feature a predominantly Asian and Asian-American cast.  

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0:00-1:14 - Billboard
1:14-30:20 - Review: "Crazy Rich Asians"
Ruby Ibarra, "Us"
31:12-43:33 - Next Week / Notes
43:33-51:31 - Polls (Happytime Murders / Ethan Hawke)
Ruby Ibarra, "Here"
51:56-1:46:06 - Top 5: Things We've Learned Podcasting (About Movies)
1:46:06-1:49:37 - Close


- Ruby Ibarra


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