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#692: The Dark Knight 10th Anniv. / HBO's Sharp Objects


THE DARK KNIGHT turns ten this summer and in the years since it won critical raves and dominated the 2008 box office, its reputation, influence and iconic status have only grown. But what does Christopher Nolan's film look like after a decade of superhero movies made in its shadow? Adam and Josh revisit TDK with a Sacred Cow review and - with the help of listeners - engage in a spirited debate about which film deserves the title of Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time. Plus, Adam's conversation with the writer and stars of HBO's SHARP OBJECTS.

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0:00-2:09 - Billboard
3:05- 45:56 - Sacred Cow: "The Dark Knight”
Black Pumas, "Black Moon Rising"
49:02-1:08:31 - Next Week / Polls / "What is the Best Super Movie of All Time?"
1:08:31-1:46:47 - Interview: Gillian Flynn, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina (HBO's "Sharp Objects")
1:46:47-1:49:22 - Close / Outtake


- Black Pumas


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- "How The Best Batman Movie Ever Ruined Batman Movies"


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