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#689: Bo Burnham (Eighth Grade) / Top 5 Struggling Adolescents

When Bo Burnham's EIGHTH GRADE debuted at Sundance in January, the response was mostly ecstatic - but also a little perplexed. How had a 27 year-old male stand up comic pulled off such a sincere and moving depiction of a teenage girl's middle school anxiety? How - and why? This week on the show, Adam gets to ask that very question in his interview with Burnham, as the two talk about the value of seeing human stories on the big screen and the genius of the film's star, newcomer Elsie Fisher. Plus, Adam's thoughts on the new Eugene Jarecki doc THE KING and his interview with fellow Iowan Andrew Sherburne, co-director of the new doc SAVING BRINTON. All that and this week's Filmspotting Top 5: Struggling Adolescents. 

0:00-1:57 - Billboard
1:57-36:11 - Interview: Bo Burnham
36:11-42:36 - Reaction: "Eighth Grade"
Zac Clark, "Drugs"
43:38-55:31 - Next Week / Notes
55:31-1:01:51 - Massacre Theatre
1:01:51-1:07:12 - AK Recommends: "The King"
1:07:12-1:19:46 - Interview: Andrew Sherburne ("Saving Brinton")
Zac Clark, "Love You Later"
1:21:12-1:23:45 - Donations
1:23:45-2:01:21 - Top 5: Struggling Adolescents
2:01:21-2:04:06 - Close   


- Zac Clark


- Bo Burnham's Q&A at the Chicago Critics Film Festival

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Josh Larsen's Olso Meetup


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