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#687: Top 5 Women in Westerns / Damsel

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Sure, movie westerns are mostly about dudes on horseback quick-drawing pistols in small, dusty cow-towns, but some of the best films in the genre feature memorable turns by actresses in key roles, like Grace Kelly and Katy Jurado in "High Noon," Angie Dickinson in "Rio Bravo" - and Madeline Kahn in "Blazing Saddles." This week on the show, Josh and the AV Club's Katie Rife share their Top 5 Women in Westerns along with a review of DAMSEL, the oddball new western from the Zellner Brothers ("Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter"), starring Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska. 

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0:00-2:12 - Intro
2:55-18:56 - Review: "Damsel"
18:56-24:29 - "Damsel" Spoilers
Nikki Lane, "Companion"
27:12-33:30 - Next week / Passes / Meetups
33:30-40:39 - Massacre Theatre
42:38-1:22:17 - Top 5: Women in Westerns
1:22:17-1:25:47 - Close


- Massacre Theatre winner: Chris George, Chicago


- Josh's review of Damsel


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