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#685: Incredibles 2 / Top 5 Pixar Performances


Pixar has done a lot of things right over the past 23 years (note the studio's 80% average Metacritic rating), but among its greatest accomplishments is its consistently inspired voice casting. Tom Hanks' Woody works so well not just because of the actor's familiarity, but because Woody also taps into the decency, good humor - and occasional comic hysteria - that define Hanks's on-screen persona. On this week's show, Adam and Josh celebrate that genius ear for casting with their Top 5 Pixar Performances, along with a review of the new INCREDIBLES 2. Plus, Josh's thoughts on the new indie horror film HEREDITARY, the "Ocean's 11 spin-off" OCEAN'S 8 and Golden Brick nominee "THOROUGHBREDS."     

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0:00-2:26 - Intro
1:11-27:06 - Review: "Incredibles 2"
Neko Case, "Bad Luck"
29:50-45:37 - Next week / Notes / Massacre Theatre
45:37-53:58 - Larsen Recommends: "Hereditary," "Ocean's, 8" "Thoroughbreds"
Neko Case, "Hell-On"
56:23-1:35:21 - Top 5: Pixar Performances
1:35:21-1:37:31 - Close


- Neko Case


- Massacre Theatre Winner: Ethan Johnson, Fergus Falls, MN


Josh's "Hereditary" review

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