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#682: Solo: A Star Wars Story / Paul Schrader / Deadpool 2


40 (movie) years after Han Solo first boasted about his 12-parsec Kessel Run, the new SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY finally lets us take the ride. But is it enough to justify the movie's existence? And what if your new Han isn't among the five best things about his own movie? Yes, Adam and Josh have issues with "Solo," but also some praise for the excellent supporting cast, at least one great action set-piece and Chewbacca, of course. Also on the show, recommendations for DEADPOOL 2 and the new doc CHOSEN: CUSTODY OF THE EYES, plus an interview with legendary writer/director Paul Schrader ("Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," "Affliction"), whose new film, FIRST REFORMED with Ethan Hawke, is earning him some of the best reviews of his long and storied career. (Come for Schrader's brilliant insights into "slow cinema," stay for the anecdote about his intro to Ingmar Bergman at an Ann Arbor porn theater and the movie of his that he refers to as "a piece of juvenilia and an F.U. to my dad and his religion.")   

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0:00-2:05 - Intro
2:51-32:01 - Review: "Solo: A Star Wars Story"
Mokoomba, "Mokole"
35:15-46:26 - Next Week / Notes / Corrections
46:26-53:09 - Massacre Theatre
53:09-1:01:49 - "Chosen: Custody of the Eyes," "Deadpool 2"
1:01:49-1:11:21 - Feedback: "Avengers: Infinity War"
Mokoomba, "Njawane"
1:15:55-1:17:48 - Donations
1:17:48-1:53:49 - Interview: Paul Schrader
1:53:49-1:56:24 - Close / Outtake


- Mokoomba


- Massacre Theatre Winner: Cory Parker, Charlottesville, VA


- Josh's Solo review

- Josh's First Reformed review

- "Chosen: Custody of the Eyes"

- Chandler's Revival Hub Los Angeles site

- Listener Max Johnson's amazing tattoo



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