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#676: A Quiet Place / Top 5 Quiet Scenes / FS Madness Champ

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It's a little surprising to see nice guy "Office"-alum John Krasinski directing a monster movie, but Adam and guest-host Michael Phillips agree that his A QUIET PLACE is a tense, finely-crafted film that feels a little like a Western and a well-observed family drama – even as it's scaring the pants off you. Krasinksi's movie also exploits its smart premise to potent effect: its monsters hunt by sound, so everyone - including the audience - is on aural high alert. For this week's Top 5, Adam and Michael look to films from icons like Kubrick, Hitchcock, Coppola and Spielberg for scenes that make effective use of silence. Plus, your 2018 Filmspotting Madness Champion.

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0:00-1:42 - Intro
2:26-32:07 - Review: "A Quiet Place"
Wye Oak, "The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs"
34:10-41:52 - Notes / Next Week
41:52-56:20 - Filmspotting Madness Champion
56:20-1:11:45 - Top 5: Quiet Scenes
Dave Shire, "The Conversation" (Main Theme)
1:13:43-1:36:01 - Top 5: Quiet Scenes cont.
1:36:01-1:39:57 - Close


- Wye Oak


- Michael Phillips

- "The Conversation encapsulated all our Nixon-era fears"

- Ben the particle physicist's Madness code

- Death At Sunset: A Sunshine Noir Radio Play Podcast


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