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#671: Wrinkle in Time / Filmspotting Madness (Best of the '90s)


It's been a week since their review of "Annihilation," but it feels like Adam and Josh never quite escaped The Shimmer. Ava DuVernay's visually adventurous adaptation of the beloved (and "unfilmable") sci-fi/fantasy kids novel shares some of the apocalyptic themes of Alex Garland's film - as well as some of its ability to confound. While agreeing that DuVernay managed to make something personal out of her 100-million-dollar, effects-driven film, they disagree about just how successful that something is. Plus, Filmspotting Madness: Best of the '90s opening round results and second round matchups.

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0:00-2:08 - Intro
4:42-22:13 - Review: "A Wrinkle in Time"
Shannon and the Clams, "The Boy"
24:53-32:05 - Oscars Recap / Next Week / Notes
32:05-50:15 - Filmspotting Madness: Round 2
Jonathan Richman, "There's Something About Mary"
51:29-1:21:36 - Filmspotting Madness: Round 2, cont
1:21:36-1:24:24 - Close / Hot Mics


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