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#672: Miller's Crossing / FS Madness Sweet 16


Note: your "Coen Bros. Ranked" lists may need some readjusting - especially if you haven't seen, or haven't seen in a long while, the duo's densely plotted and impeccably cast third feature, MILLER'S CROSSING. The period gangster picture was a revelatory experience in Josh's early cinematic life, but it had been a couple decades since his last visit. Likewise for Adam. After getting unceremoniously bounced in the first round of the Best of the '90s Filmspotting Madness tournament, they give "Crossing" another look and find it somehow an even greater achievement than that ecstatic first impression. A couple decades watching Coen Bros. movies can, it seems, help you see even their earlier work more clearly. (And, oh man, that Carter Burwell score.) All that, plus Filmspotting Madness round two results and Sweet 16 matchups!

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0:00-1:30 - Intro
3:54-41:52 - Sacred Cow: "Miller's Crossing"
Carter Burwell, "Miller's Crossing Theme"
45:40-50:39 - Next Week / Notes
50:39-1:03:36 - Filmspotting Madness: Sweet 16
Stealers Wheel, "Stuck In The Middle With You"
1:05:50-1:26:44 - Filmspotting Madness: Sweet 16, cont
1:26:44-1:29:13 - Close


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