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#670: Annihilation / Filmspotting Madness (Best of the '90s)

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Adam and Josh exchange theories about "Ex Machina" director Alex Garland's latest mind-bender, ANNIHILATION, which continues Garland's sci-fi exploration of what it means to be human. (That's one theory, anyway.) After giving the movie a thorough, spoiler-free working over, they dive into some spoiler talk and discuss the movie's ending in detail. (Fear not! They give you plenty of warning - and a music break - before getting spoiler-y.) Then it's into the mouth of madness as they walk you through the 32 opening round matchups in this year's Filmspotting Madness: Best of the '90s Edition.

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0:00-2:04 - Intro
2:58-29:39 - Review: "Annihilation"
29:39-43:25 - "Annihilation" Spoilers
Loma, "Relay Runner"
46:33-52:50 - Larsen Recommends: "Killer of Sheep"
52:50-1:08:49 - Next Week / Notes
1:08:49-1:37:05 - Filmspotting Madness: Opening Round


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