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#665: Oscar Nominations / Revisiting Last Jedi / Paddington 2


With so much good news to celebrate with this year's Oscar nominations, Adam and Josh talk through the nominees for "the big six" awards, along with a few of their wish list and long-shot favorites that didn't make the cut. Listeners then chime in with their thoughts on THE LAST JEDI, with the hosts reflecting on their second helping of Rian Johnson's divisive entry into the Star Wars saga. Plus, Adam adds his voice to the chorus of praise for the consensus best film of the new year so far, PADDINGTON 2.

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0:00-1:59 - Intro
3:53-30:18 - Oscar Nominations
Alexandre Desplat, "The Shape of Water"
32:21-42:32 - Next Week / Next Marathon
42:32-51:25 - Adam recommends: "Paddington 2"
John Williams, "The Supremacy" (The Last Jedi)
52:09-1:32:35 - Revisiting "The Last Jedi"
1:32:35-1:39:14 - Close / Hot Mics


- Andrew's My Life in Stubs site

- Explaining R2-D2's closing scene in The Force Awakens

- Josh at the Search for Meaning Festival

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt defending Luke in "The Last Jedi"


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