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#651: American Made / Top 5 Tom Cruise Performances


Tom Cruise has been cranking out high-profile motion pictures at the rate of one a year for over three decades now. In his latest, AMERICAN MADE, he plays an ‘80s-era pilot who ends up working for the CIA - and a Columbian drug cartel. Adam and Josh are positive on the Doug Liman-directed film, and consider the star's long, impressive career with their Top 5 Cruise Performances.

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0:00-1:52 - Billboard
1:52-26:10 - Review: "American Made"
John Williams, "End Credits" (Far & Away)
28:00-34:29 - Listener Feedback
34:29-50:51 - Polls: Cruise / Best Horror Since '07
Aimee Mann, "Save Me"
51:58-1:39:24 - Top 5: Tom Cruise Performances
1:39:24-1:42:02 - Close


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