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#649: Mother! / Top 5 Darren Aronofsky Scenes / Kogonada's FS Five


Since his startling 1998 debut "Pi," Darren Aronofsky has used his intense, visceral style to tell stories about damaged and obsessive characters. Even his foray into big-budget filmmaking was no exception - Russell Crowe’s Noah battles some of the same demons as Natalie Portman’s ballet dancer in “Black Swan” (or Mickey Rourke's broken warrior in "The Wrestler"). This week, Josh and guest host Michael Phillips review of Aronofsky’s latest, the Jennifer Lawrence-starring psychological thriller “mother!”. Then Adam drops back in for the Top 5 Aronofsky Scenes. Plus, the Filmspotting Five with "Columbus" director Kogonada.       

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0:00-1:41 - Billboard
1:41-26:30 - Review: "mother!" (w/ Michael Phillips)
Feist, "Any Party"
28:17-44:41 - Next week / MT Music Fun / Crushing Linklater
44:41-55:50 - Polls: Aronofsky / Tom Cruise
55:50-1:03:43 - Filmspotting Five: Kogonada
Feist, "Pleasure"
1:05:15-1:06:55 - Donations
1:06:55-1:46:11 - Top 5: Aronofsky Scenes


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Footcandle Film Festival

"Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny"

Filmspotting Five w/ Kogonada




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