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#645: The Trip to Spain / Safdie Bros. ("Good Time") / The Glass Castle

Adam reveres the Coogan/Brydon "Trip" movies. Josh? Hadn't seen them. Until now. With Josh finally up to speed on Caine, Pacino, Connery and sixteen other impersonations (along with Coogan and Brydon's career anguish and existential dread) - he and Adam review the third installment, THE TRIP TO SPAIN. Plus, Adam's interview with Josh and Benny Safdie, directors of the Robert Pattinson-starring GOOD TIME, and Josh's thoughts on WHOSE STREETS? and the new memoir-turned-movie THE GLASS CASTLE. Oh, and the return of "Hot Mics!"

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0:00-1:53 - Billboard
1:53-31:37 - Review: "The Trip to Spain"
John Mark Nelson, "Little Notions"
35:10-54:07 - "Whose Streets?" / Notes / Polls
54:07-59:35- "The Glass Castle"
John Mark Nelson, "Where Does That Leave Us Now"
1:00:21-1:09:38 - Donations
1:09:38-1:38:57 - Interview: Safdie Bros.


John Mark Nelson


Josh's review of "The Trip to Spain"

- Ranking every "The Trip" impression

- Slate's Represent: Whose Streets?

- Footcandle Film Festival

- The Zade Storey Podcast

- "The Bad Movie Bible"


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