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FS Revisited: Reservoir Dogs / Top 5 of 1992

When RESERVOIR DOGS came out 25 years ago, Adam and Josh were movie geek teenagers. They were bound by their DNA to love it. But Does Quentin Tarantino’s debut still hold up? In this 2015 episode of the show, Adam and Josh reacquaint themselves with Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink and the rest of the gang with a Sacred Cow review of DOGS, plus their Top 5 Films of 1992.

0:00-1:32 - Billboard
1:32-40:58 - Sacred Cow Review: "Reservoir Dogs"
Sandy Rogers, "Fool for Love"
41:47-1:17:42 - Top 5 of 1992
1:17:42-1:19:00 - Close


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